The David Tutera Experience x The Production Crew

To learn more about The Production Crew go to or @tcptampa Tech and production companies are one of those vendors that can make or break your event. From the moment I met RJ, the owner, I felt I was in good hands. Over the course of a few months RJ and his team received […]

The David Tutera Experience Orlando x Swag Decor

See more of Swag Decor’s work at or @swagdecor Tommy from Swag Decor was the first person I met when I was began preparing for the David Tutera Experience in Orlando. He welcomed me into Florida. It was such a great start to DTE in Orlando. For the education space, Tommy brought a softness […]

The David Tutera Experience Orlando x Raining Roses Productions

See more of Raining Roses Productions work at or @raining_roses_productions Raining Roses has the incredible ability to adapt their designs and expand their creativity. They were so accommodating, you could tell they genuinely cared. I appreciate that they showed me the work beforehand. I could see the design well before the event was happening […]

The DAVIDTUTERA Experience x Gala Rental

Learn more about Gala Rental at or @gala_rental Gala Rental was key for us to make a boring setting, a comfortable and chic setting. Education had sofas, tables, chairs – they brought that elegance and comfort to a space that could make people want to leave. The choices they had – blush, ivory, and […]

The DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando x Jet Fresh Flowers

Learn more about Jet Fresh Flowers at or @jetfreshflowers People who look at events or even attend events often think that flowers just show up. That, however, is very far from the case. Flowers are one of the parts of an event that must go through many sets of hands before ending up as […]

The DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando x Nuage Designs

See more of Nuage Designs at – or @nuagedesignsinc As a designer, I am obsessed with texture. Texture in events often comes from the fabric you use. One of the best things about Nuage is that they truly have so many varieties of different styles and textures and often that is hard to find […]

The DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando x A Different Look

See More of A Different Look at – or @differentlookrentals My philosophy has always been that the tabletop rentals are the jewelry to the table. With the sponsorship from A Different Look, we could pick from a plethora of options. This allowed us to capture two of the evenings – night #2 Modern Madness […]

Looking for a Fun Fall Family Activity?

                              Collect your yard’s leaves and create memorable keepsakes with just 4 easy steps using my Floral Preservation Kit. Flowers can evoke powerful memories and emotions. Red roses from your first love. White gardenias when you marry your soulmate. Tulips on Mother’s […]

Inspiring Kindness & Positivity

Insight from Adriana Carrig, Founder & CEO, Little Words Project A note for the DT audience,  My name is Adriana Carrig and I am the Founder and CEO of Little Words Project- a company all about inspiring kindness and positivity amongst women. Throughout the entirety of our 7 years in business we have never dealt with […]

A Ribbon and Floral Meeting of the Minds with DAVIDTUTERA™

We admit it.  Bow K® had our sights on David Tutera and the DAVIDTUTERA™ brand for years. Here’s why. Deanna Russo, inventor and founder, assembles a Bow K with floral and ribbon accents. David is an icon in the wedding and entertainment industries—a planner, designer, speaker, TV host, and author. He has an exceptional talent when working with clients, […]