David Tutera
David Tutera

The DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando x Jet Fresh Flowers

Learn more about Jet Fresh Flowers at http://www.jetfreshflowers.com/ or @jetfreshflowers

People who look at events or even attend events often think that flowers just show up. That, however, is very far from the case. Flowers are one of the parts of an event that must go through many sets of hands before ending up as the beautiful centerpiece on your table. Flowers start in the ground, often in different countries than that of the event. Then they get harvested. After that they get processed, and then they finally get shipped to their destination. Once at their destination, they are sent to a floral designer for yet another step. Here, the floral designer puts together the amazing art that is featured at your event, and then only then are the flowers moved to your venue. That is a lot of steps.

For the David Tutera Experience in Orlando last March, our floral distributer was Jet Fresh Flowers. Based in Miami, Florida, but farmed in Ecuador. Their team managed so many moving parts for our Experience. They provided the flowers for our education space, night one, night two, and night three. They seamlessly worked with multiple designers, multiple locations, multiple visions and me and my team. They provided a unique collection of flowers that allowed each night to stand out on its own. Not only were the quality of their flowers incredible but they provided a massive quantity of fresh floral. They provided us with close to 20,000 stems of flowers in 38 different varieties. Ranging from roses in shades of yellow, orange, pink, and white, tulips, amaranthus, varieties of willow and so many more. There wasn’t one type of flower we requested that they couldn’t provide. On top of all of that, Jet Fresh was efficient and all of the flowers showed up to the floral designers in perfect condition. For me, as someone who has worked in this industry for over 30 years, finding a vendor like Jet Fresh is invaluable. Their service is impeccable but not only that, they are accommodating and kind. I look forward to working with Jet Fresh on a variety of projects and events in the future.

Jet Fresh Flowers x Night #1 of the DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando

Jet Fresh Flowers x Night #2 of the DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando

Jet Fresh Flowers x The Final Night Gala at the DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando

Jet Fresh Flowers x The DAVIDTUTERA Experience Orlando Education Space

All photo credits go to Victoria Angela Photography – @victoriaangelaphoto

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