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David Tutera
David Tutera

A Ribbon and Floral Meeting of the Minds with DAVIDTUTERA™

We admit it.  Bow K® had our sights on David Tutera and the DAVIDTUTERA™ brand for years. Here’s why.

Deanna Russo working on a Bow K

Deanna Russo, inventor and founder, assembles a Bow K with floral and ribbon accents.

David is an icon in the wedding and entertainment industries—a planner, designer, speaker, TV host, and author. He has an exceptional talent when working with clients, making their life’s moments unique and special. David’s line of wedding accessories and wearables initially caught our eye. His extensive array of beautiful and attainable items helps create celebrity-style events within budget.

The spirit of Bow K is similar—empowering casual do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike with our unique design tool. The synergies between DAVIDTUTERA and Bow K motivated us to set out to meet David and learn from an expert.

Family Ties

David Tutera and his grandfather

David Tutera with his grandfather.

“My grandfather, Joseph Corsaro, is literally the person that helped me start my business,” said David. “He came to the U.S. from Italy at age 8 and started working in a neighborhood flower shop at 13. Later in life, at age 48, he purchased that very shop and ran a successful business. It is from my grandfather that I learned so much when I knew nothing.” 

Ribbon was a big part of David’s early years. As a teenager working for his grandfather, he learned the importance of perfecting a bow, both with and without wired ribbon. “It had to be beautiful every time,” recalled David. “ I had to pay close attention to each ribbon’s width, detail, and functionality.” Today, ribbon is often an intricate part of David’s work for clients.

Interestingly, Bow K was invented largely due to our respect for the wonders of ribbon. During bridal showers, the bridesmaids would often struggle to create a ribbon and bow bouquet with a flimsy paper plate. Seldom worth carrying, much less worth keeping, the paper plate tradition needed an upgrade. Bow K was the answer.

Making It Happen

Bow K at Creativation at the David Tutera booth

Persistence pays off. Deanna poses at a David Tutera booth at Creativation, 15-months before meeting him in person.

In January 2018, Bow K joined the throngs of businesses and designers at Creativation in Phoenix, Arizona. There, we made inquiries as to how best to arrange a meeting with David and Joey Toth, his husband and business partner.

With help from associates at the show, dots were connected, and Bow K began a year-long exchange with Joey. We shipped the product to David, conferred with his personal florist, became avid social media supporters, and planned for a face-to-face meeting in Bermuda at the DAVIDTUTERA Experience (DTE).

DTE Bermuda March 2019

David hosts the first-ever sit down dinner at the Unfinished Church in Bermuda

David hosts the first ever sit-down dinner at the Unfinished Church in Bermuda. Photo credit: Victoria Angela Photography

DTE is an annual three-day professional education event, providing a space both spectacular and intimate for specialists in the design and event industries. This gathering is a unique opportunity for attendees to share personal successes, as well as challenges, in a small group setting. Best of all, David and Joey are ever-present.

Whether chatting poolside over an acai bowl, enjoying a formal dinner in the Unfinished Church, or taking a spin on the dance floor, there were many moments in Bermuda for us to get to know one another.

David and Deanna at DTE Bermuda

David and Deanna at DTE Bermuda

Officially Connected

A lot has happened in the year since DTE Bermuda. Bow K has forged meaningful connections with both David and Joey, as well as with many other attendees. Today, David is equal parts mentor and visionary for Bow K.

Bow K as a tree topper

Bow K on full display as a Christmas Tree topper. (Snowman from Kurt Adler collection.)

He is a fan of the product, calling the Bow K tree topper concept “a brilliant idea.” David has especially enjoyed watching Bow K spotlight the creativity and talent of other DTE alumni through a series of Bow K blogs.

As the relationship developed and similarities became more apparent in business style and goals, Bow K set out to explore a new project that would be mutually beneficial. We outlined a plan to expand the DAVIDTUTERA Experience with Bow K providing project management and other services.

David and Joey loved the concept. We are now officially connected and are adding Bow K expertise and value to the DAVIDTUTERA Experience. Stay tuned for the big reveal at DTE Orlando in August.

Clients as Inspiration

Bow K is absorbing many of the personal and professional approaches that David uses to pull together magical moments so flawlessly. What’s his motivation, you may ask? His answer is immediate—the clients themselves.

David Tutera's work elicits a gasp from a thrilled client.

Exceeding expectations: Sandy reacts to the beautiful decor by DAVIDTUTERA at her surprise party.

“With each new project, I get inspired by the information that clients share with me,” said David. “My goal is to understand what each client is hoping to achieve—determining the essence of what the event will look and feel like. I care deeply about the outcome.”

David also understands that he has a responsibility for the guests that are attending. “Guests don’t always get to go to these types of amazing events,” said David. “They need to leave with an experience. If I perceive each event that I do as an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better, it makes me want to do it again.

Dream Bigger

A favorite quote of David’s is to “always dream bigger.” Bow K takes this message to heart.

Our advice to other entrepreneurs: Reach out to your idol. Introduce yourself. Tell your story. Learn as much as you can from those who know more. Then do the reverse. Share ideas to help their business. Provide a different perspective. Offer suggestions and assistance.

We all have value. Let yours shine.


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