About Family

As an event planner and designer I have learned that creating amazing, special parties for my clients can truly bring joy to not just the client but to their guests. Celebrations do not have to be over the top to create a memory that lasts forever, they just have to have meaning. Writing a note to our daughter in her lunch box for school creates a smile the entire day. Playing games and building blocks makes Gracie giggle and puts a smile on all of our faces.  Surprising your partner with a dinner out, or movie, or little gift to say I love you or thank you for being you will last forever.


I love to write cards for holidays, special occasions and for no reason at all. I have been doing this since Cielo was born. The cards are dated and go into a special box that is hidden for Cielo to open when she is older. My hope for this is to give her a look back at the memories she created for us and to let her know how amazing she is. We love to travel together as a family, do silly things, do simple things, and create surprises. Flying a kite, taking a ride in a row boat, going to the beach, or the park or a movie, or a drive. Singing and dancing and always making sure we laugh and smile. These all are “Memories that last forever!”

Love – is – Love

Time is precious and often we never seem to have enough, but I have learned fast when Cielo entered our world that you make time, you find time, you prioritize your time and you hold on to time. Together, myself and Joey as Cielo’s & Gracie’s two Dads, make it our first priority to be present for them always.


Our philosophy as a family is that we hold the responsibility to love, teach, mold, support, guide, and of course always protect our girls.  We will teach them equality and acceptance of everyone! Cielo already see’s the love of all just for who they are and never what they look like and what they believe in, but the beauty from within. What we know is children can become amazing little people that will grow up into spectacular adults if they are given the tools of love, kindness and exploration. Music can teach many lessons through great lyrics, one such song I love is “Carefully Taught” from the musical, South Pacific.  Billy Porter and India Arie did a new version of this song which if you haven’t heard it you must! The lyrics say it all – it really isn’t that difficult if you and your partner are together on the same page day by day.

Gracie silly

We start our mornings with love and end it with love.  With the intense working schedule we both navigate, we make sure that Cielo & Gracie’s schedule comes first and we work our life around them, knowing that we can be present for life’s precious moments. Simple moments like laughing, playing, singing in the car and doing unique things that broaden their view and allow them to see life from many different point of views.

Family to us, is just that, it is US. We make sure we are together for meals, together for school events, together for night time reading, singing and prayers. Together we are present to listen to Cielo & Gracie and watch them become who they are going to be.  As parents we believe that our daughters’ foundation to build their life is built on LOVE.

Our little family means everything to us, we take it very serious and we honor it and we hold it very close to our hearts. 

The abundance of love for your family is important and always must come first.

                                                                          – David