Getting Creative with Your Caterer

A guest blog post from CRAVE Catering & Events No generation has changed the event game more than the newest wave of millennial couples. They’re welcoming curated creativity and one of a kind bashes, and waving goodbye to the standard wedding with church-to-reception-drive and seven hour Saturday. Part of this new found creativity can be … Read moreGetting Creative with Your Caterer

What to Look for When Selecting Your Caterer

Planning your wedding reception can be stressful. Everything from selecting the venue, decor and caterer can seem overwhelming for many soon-to-be-wed couples. And there’s no denying that choosing your caterer can be one of the most stressful decisions in the wedding planning process. Queen Street Catering, the company that catered Mariana and Chris’ wedding in … Read moreWhat to Look for When Selecting Your Caterer

Your Rental Checklist for an Unforgettable Event

When it comes to any event, no matter the venue, what you bring into the space is what really determines the overall look, feel and vibe — and that’s where rentals come in. From statement chairs to intentional decor, it’s important to mindfully choose each piece in order to make your event one-of-a-kind. We’ve teamed … Read moreYour Rental Checklist for an Unforgettable Event

Mariana & Chris – Love Is Stronger Than Hate

Another successful wedding located in Charleston, South Carolina at the Shipyard Park. A place that couldn’t be anymore perfect for these two to get married. Chris, a minor league baseball outfield player lost both of his parents. His dad Chris from health complications and mom Sharondra, one of the nine black parishioners in the fatal … Read moreMariana & Chris – Love Is Stronger Than Hate