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David Tutera
David Tutera

Getting Creative with Your Caterer

A guest blog post from CRAVE Catering & Events

No generation has changed the event game more than the newest wave of millennial couples. They’re welcoming curated creativity and one of a kind bashes, and waving goodbye to the standard wedding with church-to-reception-drive and seven hour Saturday. Part of this new found creativity can be found within the food!

Catering companies are stepping up their game by staying up to date and getting inspiration from restaurants as well as the design and fashion worlds. The desire for convenience, being memorable, and the “Instagram-able” moments are common themes we are hearing from couples.

  1. Vessels – One of the most interesting and customizable ways to personalize your wedding menu is what it is served in. The addition of colors, textures, and shapes are all things to consider as well as what is personal to you and your life. For instance, if the bride or groom is a painter, then we can serve the salads in a mini paint can. If they are an office manager then we can use a clipboard to serve cheeses on. The possibilities are endless. One of the newest trends, is having the vessel be edible!  The idea of edible spoons for hor d’oeuvres or desserts are interesting as well as sustainable! They are easy to eat, memorable, and absolutely “Instagram-able”
  2. Style of Food Service – The style of food service makes an impact on how you want the guest flow to work. If you want to be the ones to visit with each table, then you want to serve a traditional plated meal.  If you would like a more casual flow and promote more mingling amongst your guests than choose to do food stations spread around the event. We find that couples these days are starting to lean towards having food stations.
    Stations allow for so much creativity and a blending of the favorite or cultural foods of both the bride and the groom.  You could have an Indian station with a Mexican station to celebrate the multicultural backgrounds of the happy couple.
  3. Personalizing Your Day – Caterers enjoy helping their clients add the personal touch to their menu. Customization works especially well for weddings where two people with different likes, dislikes, backgrounds and tastes are joining together.  Whether it’s the bride’s heritage influencing an appetizer with an Italian flair or showcasing the couples hometown’s with cheese options from Wisconsin, your caterer will work to make the food reflect both the bride and the groom. Decor is another option for adding personal flair to your menu. Many caterers will work with you to add floral or greens to your food displays, specialized signage, or as described above specialized vessels. These are all different ways to personalize your special day.

Thank you CRAVE Catering & Events for these very helpful tips on the creativity in catering.

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