The Big Wigs

Together Brandi and Sandy look to make a difference. Not just in beauty, but how to make a difference in someone’s life. Women that suffer hair loss, often suffer with a lack of confidence. They become introverted and find themselves not wanting to socialize. It is a challenge to find great hair extension or wig that is affordable, and one that looks great and you feel comfortable wearing. This amazing dynamic duo takes the time to listen, to care and work to make sure you step forward so you can 

“Command your inner beauty!”

— David Tutera

Brandi Hester

Being in the wig business for several years, has given me the tools necessary to ensure my clients will not only look beautiful but will feel beautiful, inside and out! Watching someone regain their pride and confidence right before my eyes, is a feeling I can’t even begin to describe. Knowing how to make someone look and feel beautiful, how to understand their needs, their wishes and how to help them manage the challenges they may be facing, are lessons I’ve learned from someone I admire greatly. This person is my idol, business partner and mentor…and most importantly she is my grandmother….Sandy Ryan.

Sandy Ryan

Having been a licensed cosmetologist for over 50 years, it’s safe to say I have some knowledge of the beauty industry. Through hard work and dedication, I have been fortunate enough to experience success in an array of business ventures. However, I must admit, none have been as rewarding as my most recent venture which I share with my granddaughter Brandi. At “The Big Wigs” salon it’s our mission to help women bring out their inner beauty. Although we are a full-service salon and have clients that purchase wigs for the convenience or just wanting a change, approximately 80% of our clients are experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, Alopecia or an Autoimmune Disease. As a cancer survivor, I know and understand the fear of losing your hair and the stress that comes along with it. Most women don’t realize there is a fabulous solution in alternative hair. Hair that no one will ever know isn’t your own Crowning Glory! Helping women maintain their inner beauty and confidence, even through the darkest days and most trying times is by far, the most rewarding experience and brings me more joy than all of my other accomplishments combined!

A Before and After Journey

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