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My name is Noma Mkethwa owner and Co founder of Epiglo Events company in South Africa. David and I met through both the Wedding MBA and his amazing David Tutera Experience which I was one of the lucky ones to attend in Bermuda in 2019


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early March of 2020 Due to the severity of my cancer, I had to undergo chemotherapy. Of course, one of the side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. I was nervous at first but through David’s encouragement and the support of my loved ones, I knew I would be ok even without my hair. I was brave enough and asked my son to just shave it short so that the effects of hair loss wouldn’t be as shocking. My hair began to fall out more and more and at that point I decided I would shave my head completely and go bald.   


The night before I shaved my head, I envisioned my pictures as I love taking pictures. How would I look bald? When I share pictures on social media, what will people think? I didn’t sleep that whole night just thinking about everything. 


Shockingly after shaving my hair off, I felt like I finally saw the real me. My beauty was hiding underneath my hair. I took the experience of being bald with pride. Even though I loved the way I looked, I wanted to try some other looks out too. So, I started buying wigs long,short, straight, curly, with color and without color. I started loving the wigs. Despite not being used to wearing wigs, I found myself not leaving home without one on. Wigs have the incredible ability to make people with no hair feel confident again. With the wig, no one could tell I was unwell. I didn’t have to worry about people looking at me or questioning if I was ok. Wearing the wigs made me feel beautiful and that’s all that mattered. It is hard to be a strong woman after being diagnosed with cancer and losing your hair on top of that makes it even harder. Through this experience, I have found unconditional love for myself and learnt to accept being loved by others which has made me feel worthy and given me purpose in life.


David Tutera and the team at Big Wigs are giving women who have suffered from hair loss their confidence back by providing them with wigs. If you or someone you know is undergoing hair loss for any reason, please send us your story. David Tutera and Big Wigs are looking for women that are in need of wigs that will hopefully lift their spirits and to give them the strength to Command Their Inner Beauty! 


Beautiful bald woman with blue eyes.

Command Your
Inner Beauty

“Command your inner beauty” is about embodying strength. It is about letting women stand up for who they are and letting them know that they are all beautiful. As a fashion designer and celebrations expert, I have experienced the harsh expectations women place on themselves and also by others. Over the journey of my career, I have seen women stress over losing their hair or experiencing severe thinning of their hard and over time is has taken away their self-confidence. Brides that are recovering or going through Chemotherapy and have lost their hair. Moms that suffer from the auto immune disorder Alopecia, where they suffer from loss of hair. I want women to share their stories, and I want to help women COMMAND their inner beauty.

Your Journey Starts With

When you find out that your journey has been selected,
you will receive a personalized video from David Tutera announcing:

Trip To California

We will be flying you roundtrip to California where you will meet with the team of experts and discuss what makes you feel uncomfortable and what would you wish to have. Accommodations will be provided.

Custom Hair Piece/Wig

We are partnering with The Big Wigs to help women step out with confidence and command their inner beauty. Special recipients will receive a custom hair piece/wig.

Jewelry From David Tutera

A special piece of jewelry from David Tutera will be gifted to you to add that special sparkle to a night out.

Fabulous Dinner

When you arrive to California David will great you at fabulous Restaurant where together everyone will get to know one another more.

Meet The Big Wigs

The Big Wig Shop is owned by two very unique and special women. Sandy, and her granddaughter, Brandi, began their journey to help women step forward with strength. They spend time with each person and listen and learn who they are, what they need and what will make them command their inner beauty. They make each woman feel as if they are the only ones in the room and that they truly deserve to feel special….why?….because they do!

“Making a difference in a
persons life is what we all
should do. A smile can
change a persons day.”

— David Tutera

Follow the Steps to Enter

Are you getting married? Are you celebrating a milestone birthday or moment that is special in your life that you want that extra element of confidence? We are here to bring you everything you need to make this celebration feel special and filled with pure joy!

Over the course of 6 months our team will review all of your stories and, then we will reveal the special recipients of a custom hair piece/wig.


Tell us your story of how and why you may have thinning of hair or hair loss. Please include why you feel you are deserving to step forward with confidence. Include what your challenges have been to date and how this moment can make an impact on you.


Please also feel free to submit on someone else’s behalf! Include the same details to the best of your ability.


All stories must be submitted in a 2 minute video via email. Send all directly to with the subject line “Command your inner beauty story”

“Surround yourself with others
that believe you are amazing,
because you are!”

— David Tutera