David Tutera
David Tutera

The David Tutera Experience Orlando x Luxecine

To see more of Luxecine’s work go to http://luxecine.com/ or @luxecine

The owner and creator of Luxecine, Jacob, is a surprise to me. Videography can go one of two ways – it is either just a stream of video with no meaning or it is something that is emotional and epic, which is rare. Jacob is quiet, he is often not seen which is great. He makes people feel comfortable, which is hard because video often makes people nervous. A wonderful thing about Jacob and Luxecine is that he sets his cameras up in advance of the event starting to get the angles he thinks will be best. This is helpful because he knows what he is going to get, it’s not guesswork. While Jacob is incredible during the event and recording process, he really brings the events to life through his editing. Jacob has worked on past DTEs with us and he so perfectly understands how to produce my vision. He can tell a story through his videos, sometimes even with no words.  

Here is the video Jacob created for The David Tutera Experience in Bermuda – 2019

All video credits go to Luxecine – @luxecine

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