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Wedding Wonder

The father of the bride wanted his little girl to feel special on the day of her wedding. The bride let her dad make it all happen and surprised her with a wedding no one would ever forget. The entire ballroom in Philadelphia was covered from top to bottom in all white. The walls were draped in white fabric, there was wall to wall white carpet, and there was an all white dance floor. There were thousands of white roses used to design modern floral creations in the room. Sparkle was added to the custom long dining tables created, as well as sparkle in key areas throughout. The ceremony had stunning archways of flowers that led to the ceremony area. The main celebration room changed color from soft pink, to fuchsia, to lavender, as the night progressed. With a full orchestra on stage, the dance floor was always full. The bride was surprised, emotionally grateful, and had the best time. The bride was the brightest sparkle in the entire ballroom.