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Haunted Night of Dining

A Mystery Dinner – We were invited to a dinner party that took place 100 years ago and no one seemed to show up, however, the lost invitation showed up this year inviting us to return back to the same castle. We were transported by vintage cars to a different location then expected. Upon arrival we were greeted to an interactive evening produced, choreographed, and designed as if everything had been waiting for our arrival. All of the staff members, the band, waiters, and DJ, were put into Hollywood make up to become living skeletons awaiting our arrival from one hundred years ago. A freighting dinner was created, yet scary and stunning. A band and DJ performed and the 25 of us, along with (actors), that had been waiting. They were not happy at first as they came out from everywhere to join us when we arrived. A fully choreographed performance of Thriller took place at the back of the castle complete with a graveyard of dancers. This night was truly a thriller of an adventure.