Making A Difference

A Letter from David

Having traveled the globe throughout my career, I have learned and witnessed that we as human beings need to be more present and connected to the needs of others. I’ve seen the good that can occur when we open our eyes and our hearts to those around us. As a father of two girls and married to a wonderful partner, we as a family are always focused on being more kind, more loving, and more attentive to others.


Social Awareness is not a decision, it is a requirement. We must all actively participate in helping one another and bettering the society and world that we live in. Remember to stop and take a moment to help someone whenever you can. Someone who may be in need of food, shelter, education, and even love. I will continue to try and live a more active, compassionate, and empathetic life and I hope you will join me in doing that!



Together let’s be a champion for good,

ONEHOPE Wine is a world-class vineyard in Napa Valley that makes a positive impact on the world with every bottle sold. See what’s in store! Indulge. Do good. Wine Not?

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is the only U.S. based nonprofit organization solely dedicated to saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection.
For more than three decades, Special Love has helped children with cancer to “just be kids,” through camps, emergency financial assistance, college scholarships — and, most importand, a community of support.
GIFTS for GOOD’s mission is to empower the world to help people and planet through gift giving. They are proud to be the first company to ever fully focus on adding social impact to the corporate gifting industry.