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Something Old, Something New – How Couples Are Putting New Spins on Old Traditions

Out with the old, in with the new? Who says you have to pick one or the other? Today, couples are finding creative ways to reinvent wedding traditions for their modern tastes. With subtle tweaks, people are making their big day even better by making it more personal — from the style to the entertainment. Here are 5 ways couples are shaking up wedding traditions and making them their own.

Ditching the traditional wedding ceremony
More and more people are opting for a shorter, less traditional ceremony for their big day. These couples are eager to celebrate at the reception, so instead of going all out on a wedding ceremony, they have an abbreviated version. And while financials may play a role in this approach, it’s also about doing something off the beaten path. Some couples choose a champagne toast, going to the courthouse or even a surprise ceremony as alternatives to the classic setup.

Standout grooms
On the note of standing out, we’re seeing fewer groomsmen matching the groom’s attire and more grooms making subtle adjustments to their looks in order to distinguish themselves from their guys. Grooms will wear a bow tie while their guys are in slim ties, they’ll wear a vest while their guys are in a two-piece groomsman suit or they’ll choose a more formal tuxedo while the groomsmen wear suits. Lets face it I would love both my bride and groom to walk down the aisle in style.

Adding texture to the traditional boutonniere
While boutonnieres are also a way that the groom can distinguish himself from his groomsmen, the whole accessory has undergone a makeover recently. Grooms and groomsmen are choosing trendier boutonnieres made with succulents or even using flower lapel pins instead of live flowers. Texture is a huge trend on the rise too, and more guys are incorporating non-floral accents like berries, pine and even feathers into their boutonnieres and securing the whole arrangement with twine for a unique finishing touch. If you need help with how to pin a boutonniere on your big day, my friends and sponsor from My Great Big Wedding on Lifetime – The Groomsman Suit has you covered.

Sharing a first look before the aisle
Couples in this day and age aren’t too concerned with the myths of bad luck that come with seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle. While this moment of surprise is one of the most precious ones of the day, we’re finding that many couples prefer to have their first look earlier in the day. Not only does this cut the suspense, but it also gives them a chance to enjoy that personal, emotional moment without dozens of eyes on them. Plus, it makes for great photos and leaves the couple more time to capture their photos without the time crunch between the ceremony and reception.

Unique entertainment during the reception
It’s not all about the band anymore. Couples are opting for more than the traditional DJ during their reception. Many people have performers, magicians or artists at their reception to give their guests more entertainment. Even something subtle like hiring a mixologist to make themed cocktails based on the couple’s personalities or favorite sports team is a way to delight guests and make your reception one to remember.

However you are planning, celebrating your big day in a way that is unique to you will be the most memorable and fun for everyone. How are you putting your unique spin on old wedding traditions? Tell us in the comments!

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