The New Season of David Tutera Unveiled


You’ll see more of me–we’re filming in my home and you’ll be meeting my dog Lucy, my assistant Renee, my house manager Gaby, my good friend April, my driver (or should I say drivers?) and my new Event Coordinator (or should I say Event Coordinators?). It’s fun because I’ve become comfortable enough to just be me.


The process of what I do is always challenging–that will never change. However, you will see a lot more interaction between me and the people on my show that are celebrating events–from brides, to a sweet 17 party, to even a bat mitzvah–this is really what I do. I’ve always done weddings but I’ve also always done all types of celebrations which you will see this season. What I love is the interaction that happens between myself and my friends, including at my birthday party, a baby shower and while my family is in town–so you’ll really see how I have to balance and juggle my entire life. I’m enjoying every second of it because it allows people to really see more of the real David Tutera versus the TV David Tutera.