David Tutera
David Tutera

Krista and Red

Rain or shine these two were getting married and we were going to share it on LIVE TV!

Wow, did you see the first episode of My Great Big Live Wedding? Krista and Red said “I Do” at the beautiful Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County, California. My team and I started installing 2 days prior and we brought in an emergency tent do due the rain. Rain or shine, these two we’re getting married! 

The night started off with me introducing Krista and Red’s story. A purple heart recipient who was wounded during his time serving the military and his bride to be, a firefighter tomboy. Now during my previous interview with the couple Krista was not use to pampering herself or even getting a haircut in over 2 years. I was not about to let my bride walk down the aisle without feeling absolutely special for her big day. 

In fact, when I first met with Krista I took her to a salon where she got her hair and makeup done. I also designed a custom wedding dress for her and named it in her honor and the jewelry she wore was from the David Tutera Krista Collection. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress! Wouldn’t you agree? 

During the ceremony there were so many heartfelt memories and surprises including Red’s brother officiating the wedding. Did you see the look on Red’s face when he realized his brother came to his wedding? Absolutely priceless! Within minutes the two were married and escorted to their grand reception. Krista was blown away at how her dream wedding came true. The couple and their guests celebrated their wedding with a dinner, speeches, dancing and an unforgettable night. After they cut the cake Red surprised Krista with the new member of the family, Tucker. What a cutie! Then, the show ended with their surprise honeymoon to Costa Rica! 

I had an amazing time getting to work with this couple help them create their dream wedding. I wish Krista and Red a lifetime of happiness. 

Congratulations! -David


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