“Surround yourself with people who believe you are great…because you are.”

After three decades of planning and designing events throughout the world I realized that it was time to share all that I have experienced and learned with others. Join me in Orlando at the David Tutera Wedding and Event Planning Experience. The past three symposium’s have been so successful in creating an experience for all who attend. Together with the team we work hard to create an experience where you will learn, grow your business and increase your confidence not just in this industry but within yourselves.


What has brought so much joy is watching the growth of each attendee, staying in touch with them beyond our time together, and hel.ping them craft their profession. I have loved seeing them return each year to learn more. I look forward to seeing David Tutera Experience alumni and can’t wait to meet new attendees.


We each are the creators of our own story, every experience brings new pages to write. It is up to you about how you will write the pages of our time together. What I can promise you is that you will leave with new experiences, new knowledge, new friends that become a community you can learn from and stay connected with for a lifetime. You will experience something when we are all together that I can’t explain until you have been part of the three days with us. Experts will open up their minds to you, hands on sessions  will teach you things you may never have tried. Experience evening celebrations with all attendees, while still learning and having a fabulous time.


The David Tutera Experience truly is magical…so come and be part of something that will probably change your career, and your life. This is an open and safe environment where we learn from one another, and you learn from the abundance of experts that sincerely want to share their knowledge and their stories.


Embrace what you love to do, because when we do we should love it because we make others smile by creating unique celebrations that will last them a lifetime.


I look forward to making new friends and seeing past ones at the David Tutera Wedding and Event Planning Experience 2020 in Orlando!

Until then celebrate every day,